It's been another amazing year in the St George's Society. We are now the fastest growing and most active of the Royal Societies in Hong Kong. Our calendar has more events than ever and our membership is expanding at the fastest rate we have ever seen - we are now over 500 members!

I should mention some of the highlights of last year. Trafalgar Night was a spectacular success: 220 people attended and we had a couple of brilliant speeches the most notable one by a bearded, dress wearing American who took the part of Lady Hamilton. My absolute favourite event of the year was the Mid-Summer Shakespearean Long Lunch which ran on for seven hours and involved the consumption of magnums, double magnums, jeroboams and methuselahs of some of the finest wines. The quality of the amateur Shakepseare is not improving, but the alcohol consumption has reached professional standards. The Churchillian Long Lunch is another event not to be missed - we are in the third year of a multi-year war game - nobody ever seems to win, and by the end everyone seems to be so drunk that nobody really cares anymore...

In the year ahead we will see more of the same entertaining antics and events will sell out fast so I encourage you all to get your applications in as soon as details of our events are posted.


More Events Coming Soon